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What To Do in Washington D.C. – First-Time Visitor’s Guide 2019-04-02T19:44:08-04:00

What To Do in Washington D.C. – First-Time Visitor’s Guide

Are you visiting Washington D.C. for the first time? If so, did you know that the nation’s capital is not just historic but also one of the best places to tour if you are going on a vacation.

Washington Monument DC

There is just so much to see and do at Washington D.C. and the best place to come from when you’re in the area would be The Fairfax Hotel, located at Embassy Row. Here are just some of the major attractions and historic sites that you simply cannot miss when you visit Washington D.C. this year.

#1, National Mall 

The National Mall is one of the most popular destinations in Washington D.C. because it is home to the Washington Monument, the U.S. Capital Building, and the Lincoln Memorial.

If you want to get at the very core of United States history, the National Mall would be your first logical stop. This is one of the most visited national parks in the country, and is probably also the most “Instagrammable” of them, too.

There are day tours and night tours, so make sure that you pick the one that is most suited for you and drop by the National Mall before you leave Washington D.C.

This is literally the national stage where important events have taken place, and is also the home to various monuments, including the AIDS Quilt and the immortal “I Have A Dream” Speech by Martin Luther King, Jr.

Washington DC Lincoln Monument

#2, National WWII Memorial 

The National WWII Memorial is probably the most symbolic space for the events that truly carved and defined the 20th century.

It pays homage to the sixteen million American soldiers who served during the Second World War, 400,000 of which had died in the war efforts to keep the world more peaceful.

World War 2 is only event that is annually commemorated and remembered at the central space of the National Mall and it will continue to be commemorated in honor of those who have valiantly served for us here at home and abroad.

#3, Hillwood Estate, Museum & Gardens 

From decorative art objects to contemporary art, there is something at the Hillwood Estate, Museum & Gardens for everyone.

Plan your visit today and get more acquainted with art, jewelry, and a host of other quaint exhibits that are not found anywhere else.

Current exhibits include Fabergé Rediscovered, where fantastic jeweled Easter eggs and framed art are on display. Loans from the McFerrin Collection, Musee d’Orsay and other fine art repositories are also included.

#4, Arlington National Cemetery 

The Arlington National Cemetery is the United States’ dedicated military cemetery and is the resting place of almost half a million veterans from various global fronts, including Iraq and Afghanistan.

Those who have died in service from both World Wars rest here, as well as those from other world conflicts, including the Vietnam War. To get here, simply get on the Blue Line and there will be a dedicated stop for the Arlington National Cemetery. There are bus tours available for guests, too. 

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