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Top 3 Reasons to Stay at The Fairfax Hotel With Your Family 2020-03-15T01:22:38-04:00

Top 3 Reasons to Stay at The Fairfax Hotel With Your Family

The Fairfax Hotel in Washington, D.C. is not just for ambassadors and professionals – it is also the perfect spots for families with kids. Washington D.C. offers so much more than just what is articulated in the history books. It is also a fun, dynamic, and modern city to visit and explore. These are our top three attractions for guests of The Fairfax Hotel.

Downtown Washington D.C.

The National Geographic Museum

Barely a mile from The Fairfax Hotel is The National Geographic Museum, a sprawling complex that features exhibits, films, concerts, and other stunning events for the whole family to enjoy.

There is a permanent exhibition that features the best or the biggest hits of the National Geographic, including artifacts and photographs from the most legendary explorers of NG. The permanent exhibit is open daily from 10 AM to 6 PM. As of this writing, the Becoming Jane exhibit is also running until September 7, 2020.

Becoming Jane features the life and times of the iconic Jane Goodall, the founder of the Jane Goodall Institute. She is also a UN Messenger of Peace. The exhibit features special and never before seen presentations related to Dr. Goodall’s fantastic exploration of chimp behavior at Tanzania’s Gombe Stream National Park. The third current exhibit is Women: A Century of Change. The exhibit features iconic women from around the world who have made a strong impact in different ways, globally.

World War II Memorial

The nation’s capital is steeped in history, and the World War II Memorial is one of the most iconic and memorable spaces that you can visit with the family. Not only is the memorial picturesque, it is also one of the most sought after historic attractions in Washington D.C.

It opened in 2004, and can be found at 17th Street, between Constitution and Independence Avenues. The Washington Memorial and the Lincoln Memorial are also nearby. The World War II Memorial was dedicated to honor the 400,000 servicemen and servicewomen who died by serving in the war effort of the country.

Smithsonian Zoological National Park

Who doesn’t love a nice visit to a stunning zoo? The Smithsonian Zoological National Park isn’t just any zoo – it is the zoo to visit and explore before you head back home. The zoo is segmented into three areas, with each section providing a different experience for everyone to enjoy.

The Upper Zoo contains the Asia Trail, Giant Panda Habitat, Elephant Trail, American Bison, and Cheetah Conservation Station. The Valley is composed of the Elephant Outpost, Bald Eagle, American Trail, Andean Bear, Amazonia, and Kid’s Farm. The Lower Zoo is home of the Bennett’s Wallaby, Small Mammal House, Great Apes, O-line, Reptiles Discovery Center, Think Tank, and the Great Cats. The zoo also regularly hosts family-friendly events throughout the year like Easter Monday Earth Optimism, International Family Equality Day, Wildlife Migration Day, and so much more.

Feast your eyes on the magnificent this season and bring your family to Washington D.C. Be sure to check out our Special Offers page to find out how you can make your stay at The Fairfax Hotel even more memorable and fun for the whole family. We’re looking forward to you staying with us!