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Top 3 Parks & Natural Attractions Near the Fairfax Hotel at Embassy Row

There is certainly no shortage of history and art in Washington, DC. Which is why your first historical foray into Washington should be at the George Washington’s Mount Vernon – an amazing site where the legacy of George Washington has lived on up to today. Various shows are lined up this April and May: Colonel Washington Brings His Bride to Mount Vernon, the Revolutionary War Weekend from May 5-6, a Toast to Barbados on May 5, and a Garden Party with Chef Patrick O’Connell.

Mount Vernon, George Washington

All of the activities here revolve around Washington’s historical era of change, and now that it has a new 4D theater, you can expect historical video presentations to be more immersive and impressive than ever before. The George Washington’s Mount Vernon has not been receiving funding from the state and has been maintain itself through the support of guests throughout these years. Truly amazing if you ask us!

Now if you’re feeling adventurous and raring to commune with Mother Nature, did you know that there is a 184.5 mile stretch of pure nature enjoyment waiting for you at the Chesapeake & Ohio Canal?

This canal is actually a historical route that was used as a passage of Western wealth. It has been operational for over one hundred years and continues to enrich the local history of Washington. The canal used to serve as a lifeline to communities that lived around the Potomac river. Market products floated down the canal, giving a chance to local community economies to thrive.

There are several visitor centers that have their own operating hours located at Cumberland, Hancock, Williamsport, Brunswick and Potomac. The park itself is open year round.

A three-day pass is offered for just $10 (private vehicles). Children are charged half price if they enter the park premises on foot or on their bikes. An annual pass may also be obtained for $30. Upcoming events including the Dulcimer Music at Great Falls (April 14) and Canal Pride Days (April 21).

A third amazing nature respite that you may want to visit is the Great Falls (Park Virginia), where the Potomac River gathers force and and falls over massive rocks at amazing force and speed. The Patowmack Canal gives travelers a peek at what it must have been like to depend on the land during the early times of the country.

Annual passes and day passes may be obtained at the entrance stations. Vehicle permits are at $10 while individual permits are priced at $5. If the Entrance Station is closed you may also use the Iron Ranger facility to pay. Simply insert the entrance fee into an envelope and place it in the Iron Ranger slot. Remove the envelope tab to serve as proof of payment.

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