/The Surprising History of The Fairfax Hotel in Washington D.C.
The Surprising History of The Fairfax Hotel in Washington D.C. 2020-02-14T23:02:01-05:00

The Surprising History of The Fairfax Hotel in Washington D.C.

While The Fairfax Hotel is certainly well known for its contemporary-classic luxury that is open to all guests, whether they’re tourists or international diplomats on a tour of duty, it is also known for its great history that is inextricably entwined with the history of the country itself. The Fairfax Hotel’s history is spun from the evolving role of Washington D.C. itself, and from the great personalities who have stayed here as the decades grew on.

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“Powerful” doesn’t even begin to describe fully its roster of guests throughout the decades, which includes the Kennedy family, Nancy Reagan, Vice President Hillary Clinton, and statesman Al Gore. Diplomats from all over the world also choose The Fairfax Hotel because of its excellent service, amenities, and elegant ambiance that is second to none in the district. The Fairfax Hotel has both a classical local feel, but a global, elegant look that is beloved by many.

During the Second Great War, The Fairfax Hotel was one of the grand hotels in the state that offered a respite for soldiers. The policy of the hotel then was they would never turn down a man in uniform, even if all the rooms were occupied.

Outdoor spaces were transformed into sleeping quarters to accommodate valiant soldiers. While serving our soldiers, the hotel also gained its fame for its “insider parties” that included famed and luminous figures like President Eisenhower. This was back in the 1950s, and the hotel’s trendsetter reputation never wavered.

By 1975, the establishment of the Washington Metro Rail boosted traffic into the district as it became the fast staple of modern mass transport in Washington D.C. The Fairfax Hotel can be found just one block from the Washington Metro. And just as surely as the the city is changing, so is the hotel along with it. The Fairfax Hotel is an expert in evolving with the times to meet the changing demands of guests.

Our Accommodations 

The Fairfax Hotel’s accommodations are also second to none, as its most basic room the Superior Hotel Room boasts 250 square feet of space, cherry wood armoire, and its very own refreshment center.

The Fairfax Hotel’s architecture can be described as classy with a contemporary feel, as the individual sleeping quarters have digital clocks with iPad docking stations, 42” flat screen HD TVs, and high speed Wi-Fi access throughout the hotel. The rooms also have beautiful views of the surrounding district (Embassy Row) as well as historic monuments.

The Fairfax Hotel is definitely where you want to be if you want to have the best of what this fair city has to offer. For bigger groups, ask about the Grand Deluxe Hotel Room, which has 328 square feet of space, sitting areas, sofa beds, as well as exquisite decor. The larger rooms also feature contemporary art as well as modern amenities for the most discerning of guests.

Make sure that you enjoy our beautiful, historic hotel by visiting our Special Offers page so you can book your reservations today. We look forward to your staying with us!