/Premiere Accommodations at Embassy Row in Washington, D.C.
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Premiere Accommodations at Embassy Row in Washington, D.C.

A visit to Washington D.C. wouldn’t be half as exciting (or memorable) if you didn’t have the chance to enjoy premiere accommodations in the heart of one of the most historic locations in the United States.

Embassy Row Guest Room Accommodations

Washington D.C. is known for its local and national history, as well as being a great supporter of the arts and sciences. This beautiful harmony of everything American is reflected at the Fairfax Hotel at Embassy Row, in Washington D.C.

The Fairfax Hotel is an amazing boutique option in Washington D.C. Before you spring to explore the city, make sure that you book a room at one of the best hotels at Embassy Row. The Fairfax Hotel is a Georgian-inspired hotel that features not just classic architecture, but also lush and timeless designs for each room.

Our accommodations are beautiful, warm, and inviting, and are focused on providing an inspiring ambiance while giving each guest the amenities and comforts that are expected in a hotel of this caliber. Adorned with hand-painted black and gold details, expect nothing but the best experience at Fairfax Hotel’s delightful accommodations.

When is basic really not that basic? Let us tell you: the Fairfax Hotel’s “basic” room, the Superior Hotel Room, measures 250 square feet and is adorned with beautiful black and gold details, cherry wood armoire, a personal refreshment center, classic drapery and artwork created locally.

Modern amenities in the room include high-speed wireless internet, a docking station for Apple devices, and a crystal clear 42” flat-screen television set for your viewing pleasure. You will also have great access to views of the district, plus easy places to visit during the daytime and the nighttime.

For a slightly larger room with sitting areas, complete with sofa  beds and coffee tables, we have the Grand Deluxe Hotel Room. Suffice to say, this is the perfect room for couples, who don’t need such a massive room, but still require more space to ease and comfort. Indoor décor is also Georgian-inspired, and there are also local art and photography on the walls.

The Grand Deluxe Hotel Room offers a sweeping view of the district, as well as grand amenities for all guests. The pillow top bed features Fil Do’ro linens that are known for their special three hundred thread count.

A quick jump to the next room type is the Deluxe Suite, which measures a stunning 491 square feet. It is a stately room equipped with a hand-carved coffee table, a sofa, chair, and a king-sized pillow-top bed, also topped with Fil Do’ro linen. The décor is upscale and contemporary, but never moving away from the rich, historic texture that the Fairfax Hotel is known for.

Truly, the Fairfax Hotel at Embassy row offers the best respite for travelers, and you’ll never be disappointed with any room that you book today. The rooms are equal in beauty and comfort, the differences lie only in how much more ease and comfort you’re going to get, depending on the room or suite that you prefer. Visit Washington D.C. today and taste the historic and majestic. Book a room now.