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Premier D.C. Hotel Near The National Mall

The National Mall is one of the most stunning places in Washington that you can visit, and for good reason. It is considered one of the largest national stages, with the most historic and important monuments dedicated to US culture and history to boot.

National Mall - Monument (Washington D.C.)

When you arrive at the National Mall, the first thing that you will probably see is the towering Washington Monument, followed by the US Capital Building, and then the historic Lincoln Memorial that has made it to so many Hollywood movies, including “Planet of the Apes.”

Washington is one of the handful of places in the United States were you get to see the locations that are often depicted in books and movies. It is the seat of United States government and history, and will continue to be an awe-inspiring tourist destination for all.

And yes, the nation’s largest stage is also technically a national park, and therefore it is open to all, nearly all year round and if you are looking for a tourist destination where you can get the best vacation photos, you’ve come to the right place.

Of course, if you are coming in for a few days at Washington DC, you need a place to stay. One of the closest hotels to the National Mall is distinctive and always classy Fairfax Hotel at Embassy Row. Located in the most perfect locale in the city, the Fairfax Hotel offers luxury accommodations that feel warm and just right for any kind of visit to Washington DC.

Nestled among boutique stores and a stone’s throw away from the National Mall, you can find the Fairfax Hotel at the Dupont Circle. Visit the White House after a jaunt to the National Mall and experience Washington like never before.

The Fairfax Hotel at Embassy Row also offers appropriate accommodations of all sizes, from basic rooms to suites that can hold four or more individuals. 259 distinctive and stylish rooms await guests year round, and you simply have to book online or give the Fairfax Hotel a call to get your room. Rooms at the hotel offer unique and inspiring views of the Embassy Row district, and is perfect for guests who want to live and breathe Washington in elegance and style.

Choose among the following rooms when you come to Washington: Superior Hotel Room (4 persons, 250 sq. ft.), Grand Deluxe Hotel Room (4 persons, 328 sq. ft.), Superior Suite (4 persons, 665 sq. ft.), and the largest, the Fairfax Suite, which also sleeps four and measures 1,327 sq. ft. The Fairfax Hotel at Embassy Row also offers top of the line amenities to its guests, including a fully equipped business center with high speed Wi-Fi, fax services, printing, and the works.

The hotel also has a fitness center on the second floor, so you can continue doing your fitness routines even when you are far from home. All guests have access to high speed Wi-Fi in all their rooms, as well as valet parking for those coming in with their own vehicles. Book a room today and start experiencing Washington the way it should be experienced.