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5 Most Popular Monuments & Memorials In Washington D.C.

Apart from being the nation’s capital, Washington D.C. is also the seat of so many important historic monuments. A visit to the nation’s capital would not be complete without a tour of the various monuments that have defined US history from the time of the founding fathers to the present. The National Mall, the largest open space mall in the state is the focal point of your tour of historic monuments. Here are five of the most interesting ones to visit on your next trip to Washington D.C.

National Mall Monuments

#1 Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial

The FDR Memorial can be found at the National Mall. With surroundings lined with scenic cherry blossoms, the FDR Memorial is divided into four distinct segments that feature scenes representing various eras of the United States.

The historic divisions begin with the Great Depression and culminate with scenes and issues from World War II. In addition to providing a space for reflection or introspection of the most pivotal eras of United States history, tourists will also be treated to great views of the Tidal Basin and of course, the cherry blossoms that are celebrated yearly in Washington D.C.

#2 Korean War Veterans Memorial

First dedicated in 1995, the Korean War Veterans Memorial stands as a testament to the importance of peace and was erected in honor of the armistice that helped end the active conflict in the Korean peninsula between North Korea and South Korea.

There are a total of nineteen statues in the memorial, representing different branches of the American armed forces. There is also a wall that represents the division between the two Koreas and the demilitarized zone – the 38th parallel. There is also a historic mural in the memorial containing over two thousand images of men, women and service dogs that had actively served in the war.

#3 Vietnam Veterans Memorial

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial stands in honor of American service men and women who had served in the Vietnam War. The memorial has three parts. The first part is the Three Soldiers Statue, followed by the Vietnam Women’s Memorial, and then there is the more well-known Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall.

#4 Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial

A leading national icon for equality and rights, Martin Luther King, Jr. remains one of the most enigmatic figures in the civil rights movement in America. His memorial consists of a representation of Martin Luther King, Jr. as the “stone of hope,” with two larger structures around him as the “mountain of despair.” Both concepts are drawn from his speech “I Have Dream.”

#5 National World War II Memorial

The National World War II Memorial is perhaps the most significant of war memorials at the National Mall, as it honors the largest number of people who have offered up their lives in the name of peace in the region during World War II. Almost half a million lives were lost during World War II. The memorial opened in April 2004.

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