/Iconic Monuments Nearby The Fairfax Hotel at Embassy Row in Washington, D.C.
Iconic Monuments Nearby The Fairfax Hotel at Embassy Row in Washington, D.C. 2018-05-18T03:55:24-04:00

Iconic Monuments Nearby The Fairfax Hotel at Embassy Row in Washington, D.C.

If you happen to be in Washington D.C. any time soon, you’ll probably be interested in what the local history and culture has to offer. Washington D.C. doesn’t have any shortages when it comes to history as it is home to so many historic sites, all readily accessible when you book a room (and stay) at the Fairfax Hotel.

Fairfax Hotel, Lincoln Memorial

The most iconic historic site has got to be the Washington Monument, which is the tallest physical structure in all of D.C. While there is no official/legal record that states its height, it towers over all other structures.

According to recent news, it is planned to reopen to the public on May 12 after being closed for repairs and improvements. Before the planned closure, the Washington Monument was open all year expect on July 4 and Christmas Day (December 25). If you want to get there, you can ride the Metro and get off the Federal Triangle. There are many day tours in the city that feature a visit to the Washington Monument.

The Thomas Jefferson Memorial is another historic site worth visiting. Thomas Jefferson was a visionary and also happens to be the author of the Declaration of Independence.

The Thomas Jefferson Memorial was dedicated by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt on April 13, 1943 and is situated in a clear line from the White House. The monument’s design is reminiscent of the architecture of two other notable structures, namely the the University of Virginia Rotunda and the Monticello.

The Lincoln Memorial is the third historic monument worth visiting when you travel to Washington D.C. This site is of course dedicated to Abraham Lincoln, the “savior of the Union.” Abraham Lincoln was the sixteenth president of the United States. The main structured was designed by Henry Bacon, while the statue itself was designed by Daniel Chester French. This monument has been one of the most visited starting the 1930s because of the major issue of race relations in the country. The monument features two speeches made by Lincoln, namely: The Gettysburg Address and the Second Inaugural Address.

The Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial is the fourth on our list of “must see monuments” close to the Fairfax Hotel. Governed by the National Park Service, the presidential monument was designed by Lawrence Halprin and is known to be one of the more difficult historic sites to execute.

It was dedicated to the 32nd President of the United States in the year 1992 by President Bill Clinton. The addition of braille relief on the monument is another interesting aspect of the monument as very few public structures like this one are designed for access to the disabled.

So there you have it: if you’re visiting Washington D.C. you definitely have to drop by these historic monuments to get a slice of local and national history. And don’t forget to book early at the Fairfax Hotel at Embassy Row so your stay at D.C. will be smooth as butter. The iconic Fairfax Hotel offers excellent, stylish accommodations right at Dupont Circle.