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Iconic Hotel Near National Mall in Washington DC

Any visit to Washington D.C. would not be complete without at least spending a few hours at the National Mall, which is home to what could be the most numerous collections of larger than life historic monuments anywhere in the USA. The first thing that you will probably notice upon entering the National Mall is the soaring and majestic Washington Monument.

On either end of this stately view will be the US Capitol Building or on the opposite end, you have the Lincoln Memorial. Three of the most historic icons in history, and more, all in one place. Washington is known for its history, but that doesn’t mean that you’d be stuck inside any boring old place while you’re here. Washington is all about reliving the most important parts of US history and enjoying the beautiful way that DC has modernized even more in recent years.

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If you want to visit the US Capitol, there are guided tours from Mondays through Saturdays, from morning until noon. You can book a tour at the US Capitol at the official Visit the Capitol website. If you weren’t able to book and you happen to be in the area, don’t fret: there are same-day passes available but only for a limited number of guests.

So your best bet will still be to book in advance. When you’re done with the US Capitol, you can head over to the Lincoln Memorial, preferably from the east, so you can also pass by two more historic icons: the National World War II Memorial and the Washington Monument.

The Lincoln Memorial is famed for its massive, majestic columns and of course, the larger than life rendition of one of the most storied leaders of American history. The statue of Abraham Lincoln weighs an astounding 175 tons and is almost twenty feet tall. Featured in popular culture (comics and movies mostly), it remains a central figure in history and pop culture because there really isn’t anything like it in the world. Just visiting the Lincoln Memorial is reason enough to visit the National Mall, which is proximate to the equally iconic hotel – the Fairfax Hotel.

The Fairfax Hotel at Embassy Row has recently modernized its spaces so guests can enjoy more of its public spaces. Warm, sophisticated and upscale, the Fairfax Hotel has recently refashioned itself to appeal more to international guests, professionals, and local guests. There are 259 appointed sleeping rooms available for individuals and groups, and whether you are in Washington D.C. for pleasure or business, there is always something to discover and enjoy more when you are at the Fairfax Hotel.

Enjoy cocktails at The SALLY and order luscious small plates offerings. The Market is also open for some quick grab and go’s, which are perfect for guests who want to see more of Washington DC but are always ready for a quick cuppa. Innovative, sparklingly iconic and a favorite of both local and international guests, book a room today at the Fairfax Hotel at Embassy Row and experience class, style, and comfort like never before.