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Five Fun (Free) Things To Do With Your Family in D.C. 2018-07-20T22:32:11-04:00

Five Fun (Free) Things To Do With Your Family in D.C.

Visiting Washington D.C. with your family soon? Your first priority should be to book a room at the Fairfax Hotel.

D.C. Monuments

The Fairfax Hotel is at the heart of D.C. and is a stone’s throw away from the fun and free things you can do to enjoy Washington D.C. Your stay in Washington shouldn’t be too expensive, especially if your aim is imbibe the city’s great landscape, culture, and local history.

Here are five fun and free things to do with your family when you visit Washington D.C.

#1, Drink the scenic sights at DC monuments

Washington D.C. offers one of the most unforgettable experiences when visiting historic monuments.

These monuments are astounding at night as they are in the daytime. Some argue that nighttime tours are even better than daytime tours – but we will let you decide for yourself. Visit the Lincoln Memorial, the Jefferson Memorial and so much more after booking your room at the Fairfax Hotel.

Don’t forget to visit the National Mall, too. Document your awesome visit on social media with the neat hashtag #MyDCcool.

#2, Watch outdoor movies in one of D.C.’s picturesque neighborhoods

If a chilly movie theater isn’t your thing right now, why not attend an outdoor movie screening in D.C.?

These outdoor screenings are special, as unusual and classic movie titles are shown, and you get to enjoy a movie with other people who are also looking to appreciate the relaxing, scenic outdoors while enjoying a great film.

#3, Love nature more with a visit to the Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens

Definitely a tourist icon in Washington D.C., the Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens blooms all year long with its water lilies and the legendary lotus flower that is so symbolic in other cultures.

If you want to live and breathe nature, this is the place to visit. There are also annual events celebrating the gardens and now would be an amazing time to pay it a visit with the kids.

#4, Splash away in the comfort of D.C.

Washington D.C. offers plenty of options if you want to splash and cool yourself down without having to go to the beach. Yards Park, Waterfront Park and Peteworth’s spray park are all popular tourist destinations that are all accessible from the Fairfax Hotel.

Splashing away in the park will surely create great memories for your kids when they visit the nation’s capital. And everyone loves cooling down and just kicking back, right?

#5, Relax at the Kogod Courtyard

The Kogod Courtyard can be found between the National Portrait Gallery and the Smithsonian American Art Museum. This is actually a public space where you can rest in between your travels in the city.

There’s plenty of space to sit down and relax and there is a café nearby if you want to buy beverages and snacks. If you want an easy respite from the excitement of the capital, the Kogod Courtyard is the place to be.

And of course, don’t forget that the best amenities await you at the Fairfax Hotel at Embassy Row. Our hotel is modern, elegant and offers the best lineup of guest amenities in the area.