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Getting the Most Out of Your Family Vacation in Washington, D.C.

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Family Vacation in Washington, D.C.

With your spouse and kids, you’re bound to go on countless vacations to a variety of locations throughout your lifetime, each designed to provide its own unique experience and create a level of familiarity with the location in question. There’ll be plenty of trips to the beach, amusement parks, camping areas, ski resorts, and other places where you can revel in the fun and the challenges of engaging in the signature activities for each.

Of course, living in the United States means that paying a visit to as many states and key cities to discover what each one has to offer is also part of vacation traditions for many families. Not every American destination will have a token beach or resort, but there are places that more than make up for it by being rich in local culture, history and the contributions of the local communities — you simply can’t help but explore and immerse yourself in the location’s vivid personality.

Wandering through the capital

If there’s one place in the United States you can visit to learn more about the country’s government and to behold the historic buildings, monuments, parks, and statues of key personalities, it’s none other than Washington, D.C. Your first important step for launching a successful trip to the capital is to book accommodations in the very heart of the action — and from there, you’ll be able to have the city’s main attractions within easy reach for engaged exploration.

Your best bet would be to settle into a classy, distinguished hotel with style and iconic grace fitting for the nation’s capital, and the only fitting choice would be The Fairfax at Embassy Row.

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 A luxurious location

The Fairfax at Embassy Row is perfectly situated in Dupont Circle, one of the most vibrant neighborhoods in the capital. Having the Dupont Circle Metro nearby — less than two blocks away — means that the most iconic attractions such as the White House, the Lincoln Memorial and the National Mall can be easily reached.

Intimate and upscale, this distinctive hotel (a proud recipient of the prestigious AAA Four Diamond Award bestowed only upon luxury hotels that provide the most refined accommodations, impeccable service and exceptional amenities) offers 259 classically appointed rooms and suites with spectacular views of the iconic Embassy Row area. Your family will love the Georgian-style design details and the historic, inspiring air superbly intertwined with contemporary amenities and provisions.

The best jump-off point for a tour of the city

At The Fairfax, your family is at the perfect starting point for an exciting trip through the capital. Here are just a few of the must-see Dupont Circle attractions for getting the most of your family vacation in Washington, D.C.:

Family Vacation in Washington,-D.C

The Dupont Circle Fountain. It’s the best spot for a picnic on a beautiful day. It’s where you get to people-watch and feel the positive vibe of all the locals, travelers, friends, couples, musicians and artists who frequently meet and gather at this well-known landmark.

Embassy Row. As the name suggests, this 2-mile stretch along Massachusetts Avenue is a great place to walk and behold the different diplomatic missions, such as the Nelson Mandela statue outside of the Embassy of South Africa and the Mahatma Gandhi Memorial.

Anderson House. Interested in Revolutionary-era memorabilia? This home to the Society of Cincinnati offers a display of historic maps, manuscripts, books and arts.

 Spanish Steps. This popular yet hidden gem is another excellent spot for sitting down with the family, basking in the sun and observing life in the capital.

The Mansion on O Street. You’ll see unique artifacts and experience one-of-a-kind tours at this museum, and you’ll be invited to engage in creative interaction with fellow guests.

The Phillips. America’s first museum of modern art offers exhibitions of modern works (by Renoir, Rothko and many others) as well as concerts and programs you’ll be sure to enjoy.

There’s so much more to see and experience in Washington, D.C. By booking luxurious rooms at The Fairfax, your family will be comfortable and refreshed for each day of exploring the capital and collecting special memories of this wonderfully historic location.

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