Gargoyles and Bars Guided Tour of Massachusetts Avenue and Cleveland Park

March 15, 2020 @ 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm
In front of Albin Towers
3700 Massachusetts Ave NW Washington
District Of Columbia



This walk will explore the spooky and fascinating secrets of Massachusetts Avenue, followed by a Bricks and Bar Experience at Cleveland Park .

As we look toward celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, join us for a walk to explore the rich history that Ireland- and the British Isles- had on early Washington and it’s first suburb, Cleveland Park. Travel through the historic districts including stories of those connected to National Geographic, General Electric, DuPont, and, yes, even George Washington! We will of course wrap up at Nanny OBrien’s pub to celebrate the upcoming holiday, and participants are encouraged to explore the Zoo right down the street, time permitting.

This walk begins with a perimeter tour of the Cathedral and with the story of one 20th-century Greek-born sculptor and artist, Constantine Seferlis, who devoted nearly 20 years to carving the stone that brought the National Cathedral to life. Led by Seferlis’ son, Clift, a stone carver in his own right, you will walk the beautiful grounds and hear of the cathedral’s history as only someone who knows the building intimately can tell it.

In addition to an exciting general history of the Cathedral, Clift will tell us of the many mysteries of the gargoyles and unknown spooky stories of the cathedral that are unknown the most D.C. residents. You may never look at this landmark the same way again.

We will then tour Massachusetts Avenue towards Cleveland Park to hear more historic stories, scandals of the historic residents, and of the history of the classic and moderns pubs that surround the area.

Afterwards, we will lead any interested to a local bar or restaurant for an optional reception (with a special surprise)

MEETING SPOT: The new meeting location is in front of Albin Towers at 3700 Massachusetts Ave NW (near the corner of Corner of Massachusetts and Wisconsin Ave).

.This tour does NOT take place inside the Cathedral, nor will we be walking the grounds associated with the cathedral as well.  We will be along the Perimeter.