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6 Reasons to Stay at The Fairfax Hotel for Independence Day 2019-01-24T00:59:39-05:00

6 Reasons to Stay at The Fairfax Hotel for Independence Day

The Fourth of July is the most important public holiday for Americans and everybody looks forward to celebrating this day. If you and your family are heading to the nation’s capital for this occasion, do consider staying at The Fairfax, an embassy row hotel. Enjoy classic accommodations that will allow you easy access to the grand festivities lined up for Independence Day.

Fourth Of July Activities

There are other reasons to choose The Fairfax Hotel for your family’s Independence Day getaway; rounded up below are six of them.

#1 – It offers the best group hotel rates in all of the capital. You can save some money on your accommodation so you can splurge on the other experiences that Washington, D.C. has in store — you can sure that there’ll be plenty for July 4th.

#2 – If there’s a special event that you wish to attend for Independence Day, the hotel concierge can provide you all the information you need to be able to take part in it. Plus, if you need to procure tickets, the concierge can definitely pull some strings for you.

#3 – The employees of the hotel are also the best people to turn to if you’re looking for the best eats, shopping, tours, and other experiences in the city. While you can easily check the internet for information, these people know special details that can work to your advantage, such as how early you need to be for certain shows, the best routes to take in order to avoid traffic when you want to see the Washington Nationals play, and even what foods to order at certain restaurants by the harbor.

#4 – The hotel has a calendar of events within the community so if you’re still trying to figure out what you can include in your trip’s itinerary, you can check out the hotel’s calendar for the different events lined up for Independence Day.

#5 – The hotel’s own restaurants, The Capitol and The Fairfax Grille and Lounge, have earned rave reviews for the bold flavors of their American cuisine and the sophisticated old world ambiance they have. If you don’t feel like heading out for breakfast, perhaps start your day slow, The Capitol is ready to cater to your preferred pace. It’s the same if you want your evenings relaxed — The Fairfax Grille and Lounge will provide you the perfect nightcap and you can easily head to bed after.

#6 – The Fairfax Hotel is strategically located. You can get where you need to go easily around the city, and within the area, there are already so many things to see for Independence Day. If you have no intention of getting stuck in a crowd the whole day, you can quickly head on back to the hotel after taking part in the exciting events for the occasion.

At The Fairfax Hotel, you can easily celebrate Independence Day as you wish to ensure your enjoyment.

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