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5 Of The Best Haunted Tours in Washington D.C.

This coming Halloween, treat your kids to a thrill of a lifetime by visiting historic Washington D.C. and going on the most amazing and memorable ghost tours in the state.

Halloween Tours DC

Ghost tours are a popular attraction in Washington D.C. and there is always something new to learn and appreciate when you visit the historic relics of the past, coupled with award-winning tour companies who know how to bring the chills to their loving customers. These are five of the best haunted tours in Washington D.C.

#1 – Fiat Luxe Tours

Fiat Luxe Tours is an award-winning company that specializes in providing the best and most memorable touring experience to customers in the District of Columbia.

This Halloween, they are offering the Haunted and Historic Georgetown Tour, which focuses on Washington D.C.’s oldest neighborhoods. Some great stops from this tour include the Oak Hill Cemetery, the Old Stone House, and The Exorcist. Guests are entitled to an extra special souvenir that will be given away at the end of the Haunted and Historic Georgetown Tour.

#2 – Amerighost 

Just when you thought that things couldn’t get any creepier, comes Amerighost’s Ghosts of Lafayette Park tour. The website promises that you will be able to explore the glorious and haunting past of the nation’s capitol through this ghost tour.

During the tour you will be given secrets and stories behind closed doors that not every person knows – not even the historians. Get the thrills and chills with little known crimes of passion and even duels that occurred in the nation’s capital, and learn why Lafayette Park is actually also historically known as “Tragedy Square.”

#3 – DC By Foot 

If you feel that you are up for a massively entertaining and spine-tingiling walking tour of the nation’s capital, we highly recommend DC By Foot.

DC By Foot is one of the highest rated walking tours in D.C., and these tours will easily take you through the Tidal Basin, the Arlington Cemetery, and more. The places will become even more memorable when you learn their secrets. Is that a night tour beckoning to you this Halloween?

#4 – Ghosts of Georgetown Walking Tour

Georgetown is definitely one of the most beautiful places in D.C.- but did you know that behind those manicured gardens also lay dark secrets and startling histories that will raise goosebumps?

Come along with the Ghosts of Georgetown Walking Tour and learn why some things cannot be attributed to mere coincidences – and understand what magic, curses, and human nature can do to a place as history rolls along.

#5 – Soul Strolls

Available from October 18, 2019 to October 26, 2019, Soul Strolls features a visit to one of the creepiest cemeteries around – the Congressional Cemetery, and learn who was buried there – and why. The Congressional Cemetery is an iconic resting ground in itself, don’t miss it.

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