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Calendar of Events

‘A Little Night Music’ @ Signature Theatre
Sep 21 all-day

The Signature Theatre, located just outside of DC, stages a Stephen Sondheim musical masterpiece that concerns a tangled web of love in 1900 Sweden. Winner of four Tony Awards, you’ll be dazzled by this play that concerns a married virgin, an aging actress, an eager divinity student and a foolish count. Take in glorious renditions of songs like “A Weekend in the County” and “Send in the Clowns” as you savor an unforgettable night of theater that only a Sondheim play can give you.

‘Native Gardens’ @ Arena Stage
Sep 21 all-day

Neighbors clash in this cultural comedy that comes to Arena Stage, one of DC’s most reputable playhouses. When Tania and Pablo move next door to DC couple Virginia and Frank, an epic battle ensues, filled with racial and political tension. Prepare for laughs as well as searing commentary on how cultures clash…and come together.

‘Posing for the Camera – Gifts from Robert B. Menschel’ @ National Gallery of Art
Sep 21 all-day

More than 60 photographs from the collection of Robert B. Menschel will be on display at the National Gallery of Art for this exhibition. Inside, visitors will discover how posing for a portrait changed as the medium evolved. Works in the exhibit stretch from the 1840s to the 1990s, and include portraits of famous figures such as Lewis Carroll, Edward Weston, Man Ray and Robert Frank.
Hours |  Free admission

‘Skeleton Crew’ @ Studio Theatre
Sep 21 all-day

Playwright and Detroit native Dominique Morisseau wrote this heartfelt play that takes on issues in her own hometown. Three co-workers at Detroit auto-stamping plant – one pregnant, one planning for the future, one a long-time employee – worry about losing their jobs and a debt owed to them by their manager. Livelihoods are at stake in this intense production held at Studio Theatre.

‘The Arsonists’ @ Woolly Mammoth Theatre
Sep 21 all-day

Max Frisch’s searing political drama comes to one of DC’s leading theaters for cutting-edge plays. Originally written as a take on the rise of both Nazism and Communism, this tale follows main character Biedermann and his attempt to deal with sweeping societal changes. Now more pertinent than ever, this play will be both thought-provoking and laugh-producing.

Art Exhibition by Stephane Koerwyn @ Sofitel Washington DC Lafayette Square
Sep 21 all-day

Sofitel Washington DC Lafayette Square will display wall art pieces painted on metal by French artist Stephane Koerwyn inside its iCi Urban Bistro for most of this September. The 17 pieces by Koerwyn will be influenced by New York Fashion Week, and in turn, the Bistro will offer a special prix fixe menu inspired by the artistic works.

DC Fashion Week
Sep 21 all-day

Journey to the cutting edge of fashion during this four-day fashion spectacle that features a new event each night. Opening night goes down at Dirty Martini on Connecticut Avenue NW, featuring pop-up retail, a fashion show and live entertainment for free. The week closes out with an impressive International Couture Collections Show, as international designers present their latest and greatest creations.
Schedule |  Tickets
Various locations

Edvard Munch: Color in Context @ National Gallery of Art
Sep 21 all-day

Responsible for one of modern art’s most famous paintings, Edvard Munch was a Norwegian painter with strong ties to German Expressionism. The National Gallery of Art opens an exhibit containing 21 of his works on Sunday, Sept. 3, showcasing how Munch used color to invoke psychology and the spiritual world.

Walkingtown DC
Sep 21 all-day

Cultural Tourism DC showcases the incredible walkability of the nation’s capital during this week-long public tour program. More than 50 guided walking tours are held throughout the District, introducing attendees to the art, culture and history of the city. Tours come in many variations, from after-work “happy hour” soirees to long weekend tours. Historians, licensed tour guides, community leaders and business owners, among others, host these excursions that will take you to both well-known and hidden gems across DC. Check out the details and schedules.

‘Ilya and Emilia Kabakov: The Utopian Projects’ @ Hirshhorn Museum & Sculpture Garden
Sep 21 @ 10:00 am – 5:30 pm

Russian-born American artists Ilya and Emilia Kabakov have been an artistic duo for almost thirty years. The Hirshhorn Museum will display a range of their installations that date back to 1985, including monuments, allegorical narratives, architectural structures and outdoor works. Many of the pieces are inspired by the Kabakovs’ time in the Soviet Union, where they faced poverty and an overbearing government.