‘Frédéric Bazille and the Birth of Impressionism @ National Gallery of Art
Jun 22 all-day


Journey to the National Gallery of Art’s recently redesigned East Building to discover the fascinating beginnings of Impressionism with Frédéric Bazille and the Birth of Impressionism. The underrated Bazille, a contemporary of Monet and Renoir, will be showcased by a major American exhibit for the first time in 25 years.

Chromatic Scale: Prints by Polly Apfelbaum @ National Museum of Women in the Arts
Jun 22 all-day


The National Museum of Women in the Arts goes all chromatic in showcasing artist Polly Apfelbaum, who uses an array of bright colors and abstraction to create prints that truly pop. The exhibit explores Apfelbaum’s process for making these woodblock prints, and how her work on those has influenced her renowned large-scale installations.
Hours & Admission

East of the Mississippi: Nineteenth-Century American Landscape Photography @ National Gallery of Art
Jun 22 all-day


Observe the first exhibition to solely focus on photographs made in the eastern half of the U.S. during the 19th century at the National Gallery of Art. Incorporating some 175 works, including daguerreotypes and stereographs, the display features images of natural wonders and a country amid a cultural shift due to industrialization and tourism. These striking photographs helped establish the American identity and paved the way for environmentalism.
Hours |  Free admission

George Condo: The Way I Think @ The Phillips Collection
Jun 22 all-day


Take a trip into the imagination of American artist George Condo at this new Phillips Collection exhibit. Roughly 200 of Condo’s drawings and sketches will be on display, as well as 8 of his “drawing paintings”. Experience how Condo transforms the raw and abstract ideas of his detailed drawings into hybrid paintings that show a range of influences while also establishing an idiosyncratic artist.
Hours & Admission

The Urban Scene: 1920-1950 @ National Gallery of Art
Jun 22 all-day


This new exhibit at the National Gallery of Art gathers 25 black-and-white prints that showcase artists’ interpretations of America’s burgeoning metropolises in the early to mid-20th century. As cities and their populations grew, so did the spectacle of their appearances. Artists such as Louis Lozowick and Reginald Marsh depicted the modern age in both its glory and anxiety, and you can experience their pivotal works in this fascinating display.

Louder Than Words: Rock, Power and Politics @ Newseum
Jun 22 @ 9:00 am – 5:00 pm


Newseum and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame have partnered to create this unique display that will showcase the power of rock and how it can influence politics and equality. Artists like Bob Dylan, U2 and Rage Against the Machine will be highlighted, indicating how artists can effect change through exercising their First Amendment rights. Complete with stunning artifacts and photographs, this Newseum exhibit promises to be one of the year’s most discussed.
Hours & Admission

Advertising War @ National Museum of American History
Jun 22 @ 10:00 am – 5:30 pm


At the outset of America’s involvement in World War I, art and illustration were the primary modes of mass communication. This exhibit at the National Museum of American History showcases works that were used to inspire patriotism, enrollment in military forces, rationing and charity work. Visitors will be able to view what the America of the time looked like, from the new roles of women to new technologies.

Artist Soldiers @ mithsonian National Air and Space Museum
Jun 22 @ 10:00 am – 5:30 pm


The National Air and Space Museum is one of the most popular in the nation, and the dynamic locale features an exhibit like few others in its history this summer. Artist Soldiers shows how war art drastically changed during World War I, when depictions went from heroic and romanticized to first-person accounts by professional artists and soldiers themselves.

Gateways/Portales @ Smithsonian Anacostia Community Museum
Jun 22 @ 10:00 am – 5:00 pm


The stories and experiences of Latino migrants and immigrants in four U.S. metro areas (DC, Baltimore, Charlotte and Raleigh-Durham in North Carolina) are showcased in this new exhibit at the Smithsonian Anacostia Community Museum. Visitors will learn of both the struggles and victories that these migrants and immigrants face through topics such as social justice, public festivals and community building.

June Schwarcz: Invention and Variation @ Renwick Gallery
Jun 22 @ 10:00 am – 5:30 pm


The Renwick Gallery’s highly anticipated new exhibit will showcase the work of June Schwarcz, a forward-thinking artist who used enamel to create an amazing body of work over 60 years. The exhibit features nearly 60 artworks and represents the first retrospective of Schwarcz’s work in 15 years. You will see the artist’s pioneering work in the form of three-dimensional objects, plaques, panels, vessels and more.